Daycare Tells Mom Her Toddler Has a Rash, Doctor Says It’s Human Bite Marks

As parents, we often feel guilty about leaving our children in the care of others, but sometimes it just has to be done, whether on weekdays when parents are working or just because they need a date night or have an event that children cannot attend. Whatever the reason, a good child care provider is a must. North Carolina mom and dad Ashley and Peter Ortiz thought they had found one for their two-year-old son Zander at their local Building Blocks Day Care. However after an incident last week that left their son with bite marks all over, they’re not so sure.

Ashley Ortiz told her local news station WTVD that it all started last Monday, August 27th, when the day care called and told her that her and her husband that their son had a small rash.

“They told me he had a red rash on his arm and that it looked like a bite on his leg…I asked what kinda bite it was and they said it looked like a mosquito bite and I told them it was nothing to be worried about,” said Peter Ortiz.

But when Ashley picked Zander up from day care a few hours later, what she saw was an entirely different story. To her it looked as if her child was covered in human bite marks. Ashley said there were six total marks, not two marks like the day care had said in the phone call. “I just turned into tears and lost it,” said the distraught mom.

Ashley Ortiz is a nurse, and she said though the day care workers told her Zander’s marks were likely an allergic reaction, she really thought they looked like bite marks, so she went with her mom and nurse’s intuition and took him to the doctor.

“He took one look at him and said those are definitely bite marks. He said if I didn’t know he was in daycare all day due to you all being at work I would call CPS right now,” said Ashley Ortiz.

Ortiz says she’s wracked with mom guilt over Zander’s injuries. “It’s just the pit in my stomach of feeling guilty of leaving him there just knowing he might have been pinned down on the ground and no one decided to speak up for him,” she said.

(Oh, that makes me so sad! My heart goes out to this mama!!)

The day care’s CEO Perry Melton says he stands by his staff and welcomes an investigation. He says in fact, the day care itself contacted the state over this issue, while the Ortiz family contacted the sheriff’s office. “I looked at all the photographs and both teachers were adamant, adamant that the child was not bitten in the classroom. Both are very compassionate and good teachers with no history of neglect,” said Melton.

Meanwhile, the Ortiz family has pulled their children from the Building Blocks day care over the suspicion of bite marks. It remains to be seen what the investigations will show, but if a doctor said they were bite marks, I think that’s definitely reason enough to be “better safe than sorry,” and my child would not be going back to that day care for the time being, for sure.

Have you ever had a scary situation with your child care provider that made you change providers or even start an investigation? I can’t imagine how upset these parents must be feeling right now and I pray they get to the bottom of what really happened, whether it was bite marks or not.

Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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