Adults With Down Syndrome Show You What ‘Special’ Needs Truly Are—and It’s BRILLIANT

Today, March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day. Why today? Well, because people with Down syndrome have 3 copies of their 21st chromosome –so 3/21 is the perfect day to celebrate the lives of these extraordinary people. In the ad above, actress Lauren Potter leads a crew of funny and talented adults who talk about what kind of needs people with Down syndrome have, and whether or not they’re actually THAT “special.”

Potter and friends point out that people with Down syndrome are more like “typical” people than they are different, and I won’t give you any more spoilers, because they way they make their point is pretty darn HILARIOUS and super-smart. Give it a watch!

Hard to argue with that….am I right ?

I happen to love some pretty special people with Down syndrome, and I know that their lives are precious and that they are a vital part of our communities here on earth and God’s kingdom in heaven! Here’s a photo of me with my friend Joy, who is 4 now, last year at our local Buddy Walk for Down syndrome.

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I love to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day because I love to spread the word about how VALUABLE, HAPPY, and PRODUCTIVE the lives of people with Down syndrome are. In many countries, the vast majority of pregnancies that test positive for Down syndrome end in abortion, and that is a SHAME. Not only because a life is ended, but because the joy and diversity our friends with Down syndrome bring to our world is simply irreplaceable.

Today on For Every Mom’s Facebook page we will be featuring some wonderful people with Down syndrome and I hope you will share their stories and their photos—as well as the FANTASTIC video above—to remind people that there’s nothing “Down” about it – that these precious lives make our world a better place, and they are MUCH more like us than they are different!

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Jenny Rapson
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