Even Small Trees Can Bear Fruit: 5 Ways Kids Can Show Kindness

4. Share.

Some days, I feel like a full-time referee. And even though it can be taxing, I want my girls to learn to share with each other and with their friends. Sharing is probably one of the harder lessons for small children to learn, but once it sinks in, it yields beautiful fruit. I love to hear my oldest volunteer to give up a toy for the youngest and to see them take turns with their treasures.

5. Use manners.

In a lot of ways, it seems like manners are a way of the past. How sad! Manners and general “rules of politeness” may vary slightly based on culture and geographical location, but you can never go wrong with a “please” or a “thank you.” Teach your kids to use these little magic words and watch others (especially of older generations) light up when they do!

Small Trees Aren’t Small Forever

While children are small, it’s vital that they receive the nurturing and instruction necessary to grow to their full potential. As our kids grow, they stop being small trees and hopefully become beautiful, fully-grown, and productive trees. I’ll save the pollination and procreation analogy for some other time, haha.

Help your kids bear fruit now by teaching (and more importantly, showing) them how to put others first, to stay humble and kind, and to communicate with people from all walks of life.


This post originally appeared at OkieSunshine.com, published with permission.

Kelcie Grimes
Kelcie Grimeshttps://okiesunshine.com/
Kelcey Grimes has been married to her husband for 8 years and has two super giggly little girls. She is a stay-at-home mom, indoor cycling instructor, hater of clutter, lover of dark chocolate almonds and enjoys writing posts that are uplifting and spiritually-minded. Kelcey blogs at OkieSunshine.com

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