Teaching Your Kids to Be Thankful—One Woman’s Answer to Prayer That Changed Everything

Teaching your kids to be thankful may just be a prayer away…

The first time I remember making it a heart-goal to teach our children appreciation began this way …

At our son’s 6th birthday party, during the gift opening portion:

Son: (wildly tearing at the paper) What is it? Oh it’s a battleship. My Grammy already got me this.

Then, he opened the next gift.

Son: (pulling off the bow and paper, tossing the card aside, unread): A Nerf gun! My Grammy got me one of these just last week.

Holly Smith
Holly Smith
Holly Smith loves her job as wife to Chris and mom to Noah, Kylie, Tabor and Sydney. She also loves to write at her website Crown Laid Down where she is sharing about her sabbatical from social media, and she designs and develops websites at Crown Laid Down Designs.

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