WATCH: Wife Surprises Husband in TikTok Game of Two Truths and a Lie

two truths and a lie

A TikTok user is giving the internet all the feels this week after an impromptu game of two truths and a lie revealed a much bigger surprise!

Kelli Dougal, a performer in Portland, Oregon, wanted to find a way to capture her husband, Brandon Fielding’s reaction to the news that she was pregnant. She convinced him to play a game of “two truths and a lie” for TikTok so she could get the announcement on video.

“Two truths or a lie, you have to guess which one’s the lie,” Kelli nervously says as the two look into the camera. “Number one, I always wanted to be an actor. Number two, huskies are my favorite dog breed. Or number three, I’m pregnant.”

Brandon pauses to think for a few seconds before responding with, ““I know huskies aren’t your favorite dog breed … so does that mean you’re pregnant?”

@pocketfulofkelliI told him we were playing a tik tok game…watch to the end to see his reaction ❤️♬ original sound – Kelli

Kelli smiles and nods before Brandon breaks down into the sweetest puddle of happy tears (along with all 4 million people who have watched the clip).

After her video absolutely blew up on TikTok, Kelli shared a follow-up video explaining the motivation behind the now-viral reaction.

“We have honestly been blown away by the fact that 3 million people have seen the video of me telling Brandon that I was pregnant,” she said. “When I told him it was for a TikTok game, I only said that to get him to film for me, I wasn’t even expecting to post it. We just shared it with our family and stuff like that, and then randomly decided to put it on TikTok.”

@pocketfulofkelliRequested follow-up video to our pregnancy reveal! And for those of you who asked “who’s holding the camera at the end”, you will get your answers 😉♬ original sound – Kelli

“We actually have loved seeing all the support and the kind comments from everyone,” Kelli continued, adding that she is now 13 weeks along in her pregnancy. “It’s been so cool to see so much positivity on this post, especially when most of our social media accounts are just full of negativity right now.”

The couple is now looking forward to fun gender reveal ideas, and say they’re excited to keep everyone updated on their pregnancy journey.

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