When Saying ‘Yes’ Gets Hard

Yes, Lord, I will go where you send me and do what you call me to do. But I am weak, my excitement will wear off, and my own pride, self-centeredness, need for affirmation, and temper will get in the way. I might do more harm than good, unless your Spirit fills me, strengthens me, and leads me day by day.

When we say yes, it is not just to something bigger than us – it is to Someone bigger than us. Someone big enough to carry us in our failures, to hold us in His love, and to solve all the problems without us.

So this is not a quick one-time “yes” to a brave, bold calling. No, this is a daily, slow-cooker “yes” to a strong, loving God. Yes to leaning on His strength when we reach the end of ours. Yes to listening for the Spirit’s guidance instead of following our natural instincts. Yes to letting Jesus pour His love out through us to the people around us when our cache of love runs dry. Yes, every day… yes, all night… yes, when the kids are screaming… yes, when we sit down, exhausted, to pray, but fall asleep instead.

We dare not say “yes” to a calling or a passion or a need. Those are hard masters, and they will eventually drain us or break us. Our “yes” must be instead a daily surrender to the One who spoke the world into being with the very first “YES!” and who answers our cries for help with the gentlest and strongest yes.


This post originally appeared at BeckaAsper.com, published with permission.

Becka Asper
Becka Asperhttp://beckaasper.com
I'm a mom of five (4 bio, one foster), I homeschool two (and a half) of them, and I write for YoungLives (Young Life's ministry for teenage moms). My goal is to help us salvage a meaningful life as a faithful followers of Jesus even in the midst of the messy and mundane parts of life.

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