When You Don’t Know How Hard to Push Your Kids For Answers

She was nervous. She hadn’t said so, but a mama knows her girl. Something about the way she sat and took in her surroundings clued me in.

Shoot. I wanted this to be fun, but she’s scared.

Something in me screams to call it off. Rescue her. Take her out for ice cream. A bowl covered with candy sprinkles should fix this.

Instead, I swallow hard, smile in her direction, more brightly than I feel, and walk out the door.

She’ll be fine.


I think so.

I hope so.


Amy Fritz
Amy Fritz
Amy Fritz is a wife, mom, and writer. She is passionate about encouraging women in their faith, connecting them to each other and to God’s Word and she loves to offer hope who women who are in transition. She and her husband live near Nashville, TN and homeschool their three children. You can find her at her blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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