This Principal Has Something to Say About the Call From School No Parent Wants to Get


There are phone calls nobody wants to get. The mechanic who says your transmission is shot. Your brother wants you to help him move a pool table. The doctor needs more tests. The teacher would like you to come in for a meeting about your child’s behavior.

When I was in junior high my recently widowed mother got more than her fair share of calls from the vice-principal. I’ll admit trouble did find me time and again…and again. My mom was convinced that the school had our phone number on speed dial.

Fortunately, there were adults in my life who knew how to love a kid who needed some extra love and discipline. Today I’m thankful for the administrators and counselors who worked with my mom to set me on a needed course correction.

Pete Larson
Pete Larson
Pete Larson is the Executive Director of Family Fest Ministries in Bloomington, Minnesota. Family Fest seeks to strengthen families in the Christian Faith through week long and weekend retreats for families. Family Fest also has developed and leads the Marriage Booster Retreat for couples. Pete often speaks on marriage, parenting and families at family camps, men’s and women’s groups, conferences and retreats. Connect with Pete to learn more about Family Fest Ministries. Pete grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the 9th of fourteen children. He lives in Bloomington, Minnesota with his wife, Lynn, and their sons, Dan and Tim. Contact Pete at Family Fest Ministries, and check out his writing at 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting. 

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