You’re a Great Mom

You’re a great mom.

Your husband took the kids to the park and he got a lot of fanfare. Even the moms couldn’t help but stare, the baby carrier had them swooning.

We give men a lot of credit for taking care of their children. We don’t bat an eye at a mom who runs the bases, day in and day out.

He posted a picture of the kids and the applause come in. Moms have to carefully examine each post: no blankets in the crib, car seat straps just right, take the pacifier out of the kid’s mouth because they’re too old for that. You don’t want to come under fire.

You’re lucky and blessed if a father handles a bedtime routine. We wonder about a mom who is out in the evening, where are her priorities?

Poker night is a given, Mom’s Night Out is a treat.

A man who executes a diaper change is a great dad, a mom who does 12 a day is just a mom.

You don’t get applause for doing what you’re supposed to do, but if you glance at your phone on a playground you’re dropping the ball.

Dad passes out hot dogs and french fries, father of the year. But Mama, I hope that meal is home-cooked and organic.

The bar is always set just out of reach and frequently changes. Meanwhile, we pass out trophies to dads for their participation.

A father’s absence is so normalized, that his presence receives automatic praise. We expect them to work outside the home and we never question their commitment to their family, but a career woman has lost sight of what’s important.

You stay home all day, 365 consecutive fourteen-hour shifts. They’ll focus on your weekend away, not all the time you put in.

I’m sure he is a great dad.

But you’re a great mom, and I know you might not ever hear that.


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Scarlett Longstreet
Scarlett Longstreet is a bartender turned stay-at-home mom. She lives in metro Detroit with her husband and three daughters, including twins. She writes about marriage and motherhood at I'm That Wife. Her work has been featured on Fox 2 Detroit, Her View From Home, and TODAY Parenting Team. To see more from her follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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