Baby Girl, I Pray You Marry Someone Who Loves You the Way Your Daddy Loves Us

My little girl,

You are too young to understand this now, but one day years from now you may find yourself looking for a man to marry.

And from now until that day comes I will pray to God above you’ll marry someone who loves you the way your daddy loves me and who will love your children the way your daddy loves his.

I don’t mean it has to “look” the same, but what I do mean is that I hope you get to feel the way I do being married to your dad.

For me — it’s not about how many times he tells me I am beautiful or even how often he says the words “I love you.”

It’s not about presents on special occasions or surprises on random evenings.

It’s not about the money he makes, the places he takes us, or the picture he paints for our future together.

What it is about — what our love is all about — is the little bits of energy woven into the simple, ordinary moments of each and every day that we live through together.

It is his steady hand when my soul is anything but.

It is his smile from across a crowded room when he knows we are thinking the same thing.

It is the way he forgives, the way he listens, and the way he shows up for us again and again.

Amanda Motisi
Amanda Motisi
Amanda Motisi is a mother of two and a teacher who enjoys writing about the realities of her life and motherhood in an effort to connect, unite, and empower women from all over the world. She'd love for you to join her in her journey by following her on Instagram and Facebook, or you can visit her website here.

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