How to Teach Your Kids to Pray as a Habit

Teach your kids to pray and you’ll introduce them to a forever friend–even when you can’t be there.

She was having a lively conversation.

This is not unusual for my very social daughter. Molly’s energy and enthusiasm for the English language has always been unrivaled. The rest of us just take a deep breath and try to keep up.

But this particular day, I couldn’t figure out who she was possibly talking to.

She was three years old. I had told her she could go on the swing set in the backyard and I’d be out shortly.

I could hear her chattering as I rounded the corner of the house.

“Yes, this IS fun!” she said excitedly.

She was grasping the chain of the swing next to her and pumping her legs as the two swings went in unison, higher and higher.

“You must be a little lonely out here, sweetie,” I said. “I’ll come swing with you.”

“Oh, no, Mommy,” she said. “I’m not alone! Jesus is swinging with me and you can’t sit on Him!”

I just love childlike faith. I want my children to always be chattering with Jesus, making Him a part of their everyday activity.

Melinda Means
Melinda Means

Melinda is mother to a strapping teenage son and a beautiful and entertaining teenage daughter. She has written for Focus on the Family,, In Touch and Lifeway’s Journey. Melinda is also a regular contributor to The Mom Initiative and iDisciple. She is the Team Leader for Moms Together, a highly interactive Facebook mom mentoring group. Melinda is co-author of Mothering From Scratch: Finding the Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family (Bethany House, 2015), available on Amazon. You can visit her blog,  Mothering from Scratch.

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