Little Boy Packs a Bag to “Visit His Dad in Heaven”—Leaves TikTok in a Puddle of Tears

A little boy is melting hearts across TikTok this week after packing his bags to go visit his dad in heaven.

TikTok mom, Ashley Irwin (@just_your_average_mom) is a content creator and single mom from Texas who uses the platform to share various parts of her life, including grief and mental health.

In a viral video Ashley shared last month, which has nearly 5 million views at the time of publication, the single mother of three sat in front of her phone holding her young son’s super hero-themed duffle bag. The clip begins with the text, “When your son wants to visit heaven.”

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“Y’all know my son. He’s a hoot,” Ashley says,  explaining that before bed, her son Wyatt asked her to get his suitcase.

Confused, Ashley asked her son where he’s going. His response: “I’ve got a big trip tomorrow.”

Thinking about their plans for the next day, Ashley asks Wyatt if he’s talking about going to church, to which he replies, “No, that’s going to have to wait, but He’ll [God] forgive me.”

Through tears, Ashley explains that her son told her he’s going to heaven to visit his dad.

Ashley’s husband Tyler passed away unexpectedly in his sleep in May of 2020. He was just 35 years old.

Wyatt asked his mom not to peek at what he had packed. But an emotional Ashley said she hopes he’ll forgive her before diving into her son’s duffle bag.

She opens the bag and chuckled as she pulled out few masks and capes. “I’m assuming he’s saving the world in heaven,” she says through sniffles.

Other important items for the journey to heaven included a whistle, two new baseball gloves, a ball, and ALL the Nerf darts. But it was what Ashley discovered next that left her in a puddle of tears.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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