Middle Schooler Saw Friend Bullied for His Shoes — See the Act of Kindness that Followed

Naturally, a feel-good story like this quickly went viral

With 2,500 reactions and another 20,000 shares, this post is what we’re all looking for on social media. We love hero stories where someone sees a need — and fills a need.

Here are some comments from readers:
“You are a good person
And will be appreciated
For your hood heart.
Keep it up!”

“What a Wonderful Person you are Thank you For being such a good friend. The World is a better Place Thanks to People like you . Never Change and you will go far . Thanks to your Parents for Raising Such a Wonderful Boy Like you. God Bless you and your Family For Sharing your Big Heart ❤️. Love ❤️ to all .”

“That’s awesome! I wish the teasing could stop. Some parents may be doing this, but parents and schools should emphasize not teasing other children for what they have or do not have. It’s so heartbreaking… ❤”

“I pray to God that more of children become like this, I believe children are a reflection of who we are. Their parents must be kind hearted humans. The bullies must really feel sad and alone. I feel very bad for those kids too as I believe no one wants to be remembered this way. Maybe have a discussion with their parents and have a no bullying policy and make sure if they happen to bully more kids. They should get suspended. No one deserve to start off their lives like that, a lot of kids die because of bullying. Can we please do something and not just brush it away. And to this wonder boys I wish them success in life and happiness overall.

Melvin’s father gives us all good advice

Wesley Anderson, Melvin’s dad, was touched by the gesture and told TODAY of his hopes that this kindness spreads far and wide.

“Just treat everybody with kindness instead of trying to ridicule the other child, because they never know what their parents are going through — a financial situation, mental situation, or whatever the case may be,” Anderson said. “I just hope that that spreads around. I don’t hope everybody buys everybody a pair of sneakers, but instead of being mean and telling jokes, just console one another. Lift everybody up.”

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