Middle Schooler Saw Friend Bullied for His Shoes — See the Act of Kindness that Followed

As a middle school teacher, Bryant Brown, Jr. has seen it all. While students are present to learn math, science, and reading, they’re often exposed to incredible life lessons. This was the case when Melvin Anderson was bullied over his shoes.

Melvin Anderson’s friend witnessed the bullying — and did something about it

At Buffalo Creek Academy Charter School, like many schools, kids can pick on other kids for nearly anything. And, Melvin Anderson was teased about the shoes he was wearing. Thankfully, Melvin’s friend, Mello, saw what was happening and wanted to help his friend.

Mello Early told his mother, Anita James, about how he’d witnessed bullying. Kids would pick on Melvin about his shoes. James, told TODAY that Mello recalled, “I just really need to talk to you because my friend is getting bullied and I’m tired of it.”

He wanted to stand up for Melvin and do something about the bullying. So, Mello offered his own allowance — and even giving up one of his Christmas presents — in order to purchase new shoes for Melvin.

Mello explained his own excitement. “After purchasing the sneakers, in anticipation for the gift for his friend Mello said he went to sleep extra early so he could wake up and give him the shoes the next day. However, shortly after he had gifted the shoes to his friend, he was called to the classroom of Bryant Brown Jr., Dean of Culture at Buffalo Creek Academy.”

Teacher, Mr. Brown, shared the touching story to inspire others

So, naturally, Mr. Brown was so touched and excited that one of his students truly understood the meaning of kindness, that he posted the story on Facebook, with permission from the boys’ parents, of course.

The Facebook post reads, “My student Melo told me he was tired of other students picking on Melvin about his shoes. Melo used his allowance and bought Melvin some shoes. This is what I live for 💯 💯 be that helping hand.”

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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