I Put My Husband First, and I’m A Better Mom Because of It

But at the end of the day, he deserves so much more than my leftovers. And that doesn’t mean I can’t be exhausted.

That doesn’t mean I can’t have hard days.

That doesn’t mean I can’t focus on the kids when they need me.

That doesn’t mean I can’t jump in the shower once bedtime routines are complete.

That doesn’t mean I can’t tell him I need a little alone time.

It just means that I am more aware.

It means that I consider him.

It means that I recognize his needs.

It means that I listen — really listen — when he tells me about his hopes and dreams and fears.

It means that I know what makes him feel most loved.

It means that I get away with him — just him — when we can.

It means that I pray for him and with him.

It means that I love him well, and I give my kids the unparalleled gift of witnessing that love and that makes me a better mom.

A love that’s far from perfect, yet never gives up. A love that isn’t always easy yet is always worth fighting for. A love that puts another before yourself yet accepts the same in return. A love that is difficult to prioritize, yet you do it anyway.

So I don’t put my husband first because I’m a terrible mom.

I put him first because I’m a great one.

Krista Ward
Krista Ward
Krista is a former first-grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom to her insanely precious little boys, Hudson and Jones. She is married to her best friend and high school sweetheart, Randy, who is the peanut butter to her chocolate. Krista hopes to be a light and joy to the world, especially other mamas feeling stuck in the daily grind, through her writing. Connect with Krista on Instagram or Facebook.

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