Talking to My Kids About “Tricky People” — Not Just “Strangers” — Saved Their Lives

Update: I have since contacted Pattie Fitzgerald, founder of Safely Ever After mentioned above, in regards to whether or not her two children’s books on Amazon teach the tricky people concept. Her reply is below for those of you interested in using a book to help you teach this and other stay safe concepts to your children: 

“My book No Trespassing – This Is MY Body! is all about private parts/personal safety and thumbs up touches vs. thumbs down touches.  It’s very child friendly and not weird or yucky.  Just good common sense in kid-friendly language.

It doesn’t touch upon the tricky people concept very much, but my second book does.  It’s called Super Duper Safety School. It takes the safety rules and explains each one in child-friendly terms that make sense and are empowering.  It covers tricky people, being the boss of your body, the uh-oh feeling, check first, and much more.  Both are available on Amazon.”


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Jodie Norton
Jodie Norton
Jodie Norton is a mom in the depths of the child-raising trench. Her current ambitions in life are to have her house stay clean for more than ten seconds and to raise kids who aren't afraid of hard work. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, is an avid reader of all things parenting, and is a fan of working alongside her kids. Most days. Jodie currently resides in Southern Utah with her husband and four kids in-training. Check out her website at

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