3 Things I’m Not Taking Into the New Year

2. Hustling Hard

I have built this business over the last 5 years and could not be more proud of it, but most people have no idea what goes into creating a mid six-figure business online without working in that field. My closest friends and family don’t even really know what I do or the hours I put into my the blog and my social media channels for it to become what it is today.

There is no get rich scheme and there is no job that you can make money like this without putting in an insane amount of work. Especially in an over saturated market, the people who make it vs those who don’t truly comes down to work ethic.

And in my case, lots of answered prayers.

I have hustled hard for years and I love this job and will continue to transform and mold with the ever changing times of what it takes to be a successful influencer & blogger.

But I am burning out way too much and I know I need to take more breaks when the money isn’t feeling worth it.

This job has made it possible for us to save for my 3 boys to go to college, my retirement, pay off all debt (100K!!), pay off cars, take amazing vacations, give generously, and hire multiple people and pay them well to support their families.

We are beyond grateful.

But working 60 hour weeks and being a full-time stay at home mom too is just not possible for me. It’s not possible to do everything well. Balance is a myth and it feels like this past year I have just been surviving.

Contract to contract. Rushing all day long. Hustling constantly.

This week is the first time in 5 years I took a break on Instagram and didn’t post anything on my feed or stories. Even if it hurts my reach with the algorithm, I’m choosing me and I deserve a break the same as anyone else.

In my life this has looked like:

  • Replying to emails right when I get them
  • Being accessible to those who work for me & with me 24/7
  • Constantly planning and researching if I have a slow work day
  • Managing too many social networks vs picking a focus
  • Taking on too many brand partnerships each month
  • Working most weekends without a full day of rest
  • Not taking a lunch break throughout the day

So, what am I going to do different this year?

  • Schedule my hours each week and not exceed them.
  • I will only work 40 hours a week and completely take off Sunday (no creating content)
  • I will take time every quarter to completely disconnect and rest
  • I will take off multiple weekends from posting of any kind throughout the year
  • I will hire more help & give more tasks to those who work for me

Jehava Brown
Jehava Brownhttps://www.onlygirl4boyz.com/
Hello Friends! I’m Jehava, the owner and creator of Onlygirl4boyz; a lifestyle blog. I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 energetic and sweet boys. I am also the wife of my best friend. I share tips on parenting, relationships, faith, travel, and some yummy recipes! I hope this space will encourage you and help you to find joy in the chaos of life! Follow me on Instagram.

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