‘To Our Little Mixed Girl’—Interracial Couple Fires Back at Criticism by ‘Choosing to Be the Change’

“As a little girl, I was constantly moving and having to adjust to change. I moved so much, that at one point it became hard for me to make friends due to moving so often. Finally, going into the third grade, my family moved to Glenpool and we stayed there until I graduated high school. Moving to Glenpool was difficult and different at first because I had always gone to black schools and had always been around black people. I, of course, adapted, and opened up to my new community at Glenpool. Glenpool was predominately white, which meant most of my friends were white. Growing up in Glenpool was easy for me because everyone made me feel welcomed, and as though the color of my skin did not matter. I played on sports teams, and I loved everyone there. Although going to Glenpool was different for our family, my parents always taught me to love everyone, no matter the color of their skin, and that is what I did.

My husband grew up in a small town where there were no black people or hardly any at all, but he was also taught to love others despite their skin. He played on basketball teams with other black guys, had black coaches, and has had several black friends throughout the years.  Even though he went to a majority white school, he did not see that blacks and whites were to be segregated. He loved his black friends and coaches as if they were his own family.

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