Still-In-Shock Colorado Shooting Witness Shares Gospel on Live TV

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang” is what a witness described that he heard while talking to a reporter at Denver7’s local news channel. While this young man and his wife shopped for milk at King Sooper’s in Boulder, CO, a man started randomly shooting shoppers. Ten people died, including officer Eric Talley who was first to arrive on the scene.

Looking to be in shock and explaining that he was telling people to get to safety by helping them out an exit door, the unnamed witness, Neven Sloan said, “I think it is eye-opening for everybody.” Alluding to the fact that our time on earth is never promised as referenced in Matthew 6:33-34, he told the reporter, “It really convicts us a lot cause we really want to share the gospel to people and share Jesus and the love that He has for people. And you just never know when they’re going to go…we could walk past someone in the day and they could die later on that day…and they didn’t know who God was.”

Neven stood by his wife, Quinlyn, and told those listening, “Everybody really just has a moment to think about their hearts and where they’re at with God and just to know that Jesus loves them and is crazy about them.”

The reporter asked what’s going through your mind right now [that you’re safe]? Neven said the reason they returned to the scene after getting to safety was to pray for everybody “cause I know this can be such a scary thing without God.”

Neven then proceeded to live out his recent conviction by sharing the gospel, “People don’t know where they’re going unless we tell them about it. If they die tomorrow, they don’t know if they are going to go to hell or they’re going to go to heaven.”

The newly married couple wanted to comfort people by telling them they’re now safe and that Jesus is with them. “That’s what I’m thinking about,” he said.

Denver7’s news’ anchors told the viewers that today is a good day for faith and “we appreciate that young man and what he had to say.”

Todd Starnes’ Twitter Post of the Couple Gets Mixed Reactions

Radio host Todd Starnes received mixed reactions when he posted an image of the couple giving this interview on another local news station. The conservative author captioned his tweet “Satan is not going to win the day.” – survivor of the Boulder, Colorado grocery store shooting shares the Gospel of Christ during a live interview.

Here are some of the comments in his thread:

“I was so happy they let him talk. I was half listening and then I heard the word God. We all needed the message.”

“Yep, cause god woulda caught those bullets. God could have jammed the gun. God could have given the shooter a stroke. But there’s 7 people dead not including him. Yeah, god is what we need. Not sensible gun laws.”

“Guns are made for one thing and one thing only…to end the life of a living breathing creature that was supposedly put here on earth by God..that is it! Until church leaders start calling on Republicans to get serious about gun control, Satan is abso-freakin-lutely winning!”

“Where has God been lately? We just supposed to wait on him like folks have been doing for AGES?!? C’mon folks..”

“Well 6 or 7 are dead, so I’d say he didn’t lose either. Also not the best time to evangelize and tell people they can’t go to heaven while they are in shock.”

“so in other words, thoughts & prayers”

“Weird that God didn’t stop the shooter.”

“if his beliefs are comforting him right now why attack him? This is how he’s coping”

Faith Leaders Respond to the Boulder, CO Shooting

The Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College Ed Stetzer tweeted, “Thankful for law enforcement officers like Officer Eric Talley, who rushed toward the danger, and gave his life in service to the people of Boulder.”

Stetzer also posted, “We live in a country where the news goes from mass shooting to mass shooting. This is not normal.”

Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Pastor Greg Laurie posted, “While others were running from the gunfire, this heroic officer ran toward it. “Greater love has no man then this- that he lay his life down for his friends.”(John 15:13)”

Dare2Share President Greg Stier took to Twitter and wrote, “When a senseless tragedy like this happens less than 30 minutes away from your home it really makes you think. Let us pray for the victims’ families as they navigate unimaginable grief over the next few days, months & years. Pray for the people of Boulder, CO. #BoulderMassacre

The Roys Report’s investigative reporter Julie Roys wrote, “Hearing now that 10 people are dead in Boulder, including a police officer, in the 2nd mass shooting in less than a week. So tragic. So senseless. Praying for the loved ones of all touched by this tragedy.”

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