Sextuplets and More: Top News For Moms – Monday, December 18, 2017


Happy Monday, Mamas? It’s Jenny, And I’m here once again to line up and break down the top news stories that moms should care about, just for you. The news in our feeds can get so overwhelming that I just wanna SKIP IT, so here are a few can’t-miss stories that matter especially to you and me as moms.

1. Atlanta airport loses power, stranding thousands

The Atlanta airport, one of the largest in the country and a huge international hub as well, was without POWER yesterday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded in the airport and on runways. According to CNN, the massive power outage was caused by a fire at an underground electric facility that took out the airport’s backup power as well. Over 1,000 flights had to be cancelled as helpless airline employees did their best to soothe passengers. This morning, with power back on, they must try to get everyone where they need to go during an already complicated Christmas travel week. Let’s say an extra prayer for anyone working in or flying in and out of the Atlanta airport today!

2. A new tax bill is brewing

Republicans in the U.S. house and senate will be voting on a tax bill this week that is a major overhaul of the current tax code. It is expected to pass even though Senator John McCain had to return to Arizona for recovery from the chemotherapy treatments for his brain cancer, and won’t be there to vote, as the Senate still has a slim majority without him. This will bring major changes, and like most bills of this sort, I imagine it’s both good and bad, but how it affects families will remain to be seen. I’ve read through it but I know that’s it’s difficult to make a one-size-fits all tax law for such a large population with many socioeconomic differences.

3. An Alabama mom just gave birth to SEXTUPLETS

Photo: Facebook/Waldrop Sextuplets/Courtney Neill Williams Photography

Courtney and Eric Waldrop are about to triple the number of stockings they need on their mantle. The Alabama couple had sextuplets on Friday — three boys and three girls, and they already had three sons at home. The babies made it to almost 30 weeks and were just under 3 pounds each. So far, they are doing well, and the Waldrops are counting their blessings. The boys are named Blue, Layke, and Tag and their sisters are Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers. (I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of “unique” names like these, however I am clear on the fact that my opinion matters zero percent!) Mama Courtney shared photos and an emotional account of the sextuplets birth in this Facebook post. We pray all these babies grow up healthy and strong and mama recovers well!

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