WATCH: Kindergartener Gets Special Graduation Ceremony at 30,000 Feet

In a heartwarming story that’s capturing the heart of the internet, five-year-old Xavier Rivas celebrated his kindergarten graduation at 30,000 feet aboard a Frontier Airlines plane. The unique ceremony unfolded on a flight, making it an unforgettable moment for Xavier and everyone on board.

An Unconventional Graduation

When Xavier’s mom realized they would be traveling to Puerto Rico on the day of his kindergarten graduation ceremony, she was crushed for her son, who had been looking forward to the end of year celebration with his friends. As they boarded the plane to Puerto Rico, Xavier wore his graduation cap and gown as he greeted the flight crew.

A Day to Remember

As the plane reached cruising altitude, the flight attendants announced they would be having a special event 30 minutes before landing. Xavier stood proudly at the back of the plane as the flight crew announced his name and invited passengers to join in his airborne graduation ceremony.

“He is missing his graduation, his kindergarten graduation today. And because he chose to fly Frontier instead, we are giving him his graduation ceremony on this flight,” the attendant said over the PA system.

“Pomp and Circumstance” was played over the intercom and as Xavier came down the aisle grinning from ear to ear. Fellow passengers applauded him and a few even gave him high fives.

The Power of Community

“He was just beyond excited, like his face lit up,” Xavier’s mom, Janeiry Rivas, told “Good Morning America.” “He was super super excited, getting high fives from people and getting cheered on.”

The impromptu ceremony not only made Xavier feel special but also highlighted the power of community and the kindness of strangers. It was a poignant reminder that special moments can happen anywhere, even in the most unexpected places.

Full of Gratitude

Janeiry, a single mom, was so moved by the flight crews’ efforts to celebrate her son. She had been battling with mom guilt since January when she learned that Xavier’s graduation ceremony was falling on the same day they were flying to Puerto Rico to be in her cousin’s wedding.

“Now with this moment, I didn’t feel guilty anymore,” she said, overjoyed by the kindness of strangers toward her son.

Janiery, who is a strong believer says that, Pamela, the flight attendant who orchestrated the whole thing, was a “blessing sent by God,” adding, “That’s what my heart needed.”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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