Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Gifts Son Flip Phone for Graduation, Hopes to Eliminate Smart Phone

Jerry Seinfeld’s youngest son, Shepherd Seinfeld, graduated high school on June 10. While many graduates receive cash or helpful resources for their college dorms, Shepherd’s parents gave him what some might consider a fossil, or maybe a vintage gem: a flip phone. 

In an Instagram post Tuesday, Jessica Seinfeld shared the gift, later clarifying that this is not the teen’s first phone but instead one she hopes he can trade his smart phone in for. 

Screen grab via Instagram // @jessseinfeld

“Many of you have asked if this is his first phone — I wish! If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve waited until age 14 to give him a smartphone (he got handed down an old one at age 12, for the bus ride to school in the Bronx),” she continued.

As you can imagine, people in the comments had *thoughts* on the parenting move. 

“I just swapped my 14 year old’s iPhone for a flip phone. A tough adjustment for us all; no long texts, no longer able to track him,” one commenter wrote. “BUT he is far less distracted and he is engaged in daily life again. What a difference!”

“Congratulations! I think flip phones are going to make a comeback,” another follower commented.

“Great idea. But can’t he still get everything he wants on his laptop?” a user questioned.

The post, which highlighted the graduation day with a family photo of all five Seinfeld’s, as well as pictures of Shepherd graduating also featured two screen shots from Jessica’s friend about a better smartphone option for kids.


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