Today, I Am From Aleppo

Friends, it is not that far-fetched.  This could happen to us.   This could happen anywhere.

When you turn your face to the suffering in Aleppo, ask yourself this:

What can I do to help, to bear witness, to help the people of Aleppo feel and know that they are not forgotten?

Let’s help the Syrian people.  Let’s help them.  This time, in this moment, we are in a unique position to help.  We have resources and voices and security and, of course, the internet.  Let’s use the internet like smart, beautiful doves.

Let’s be people who see suffering and, rather than turning away, we turn TOWARD. 

We ACT.  We help.

Because the people we help is US.  They are us and we are them.  We belong to each other.

It’s not too far-fetched to imagine that we could be next.

But for the grace of God and the United States Constitution go WE ALL.

Preemptive Love Coalition is the only humanitarian organization still on the ground in the outskirts of Aleppo. They are feeding hot meals to 25,000 people a day, and, at this rate, their funds will run out on Christmas Day.  Consider donating to Preemptive Love.  (Learn more here). Let it be a sign from you, to our Syrian brothers and sisters, that they are seen, they are heard, and that we know we are not immune from the same suffering that they currently endure.   DONATE HERE.


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Jennifer Pett
Jennifer Pett
Jennifer Pett is a professor, dreamer, thinker, and mama to four boys. You can find her writing at

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