Will COVID-19 Be Gone by Summer? —Virus Expert Answers the Burning Question

As the United States reports the most new cases of COVID-19 in the world and strict stay-at-home orders continue to keep most of the country in closed quarters, the same question seems to be burning in everyone’s mind: When will this be over?

A professor of public health and member of multiple coronavirus task forces, Dr. Robert Norton, spoke to PEOPLE to answer critical questions about the pandemic and its projected timeline.

Will COVID-19 Be Gone by Summer?

“Realistically, I think it’s going to be going well into the summer in some areas,” says Norton.

Though the spread of the virus is expected to slow down in larger cities where it’s circulating now, “there will be some places where it’s still circulating, so it never really leaves.”

The hope and anticipation is that we will reach a state of eventual immunity so we don’t experience another crisis like the one we’re in.

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