WATCH: Candace Cameron Bure Shares ‘Best Parenting Advice,’ Reveals Her Family Motto

candace cameron bure

When it comes to faith and family, we know we can count on Candace Cameron Bure.

The Fuller House star recently opened up in a virtual interview with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb about the two sayings that have shaped her parenting and led her family over the years.

“Excuses are for losers,” Candace laughs as she explains the “not-so warm and fuzzy” quote that has become her family’s motto over the years.

“My husband has been saying this since I’ve known him,” she said, “so probably 25 years.”

Candace, who is a mother of three, says, it’s the “best parenting advice” she’s ever given her kids because it’s not about being a winner, but instead about building character.

“It’s saying, there’s no excuses, just try. Go for it.”

While “excuses are for losers” may be her family motto, Candace revealed to Hoda the quote that she says is her “everything.”

Quoting Matt Maher’s worship song, “Lord I Need You,” Candace says those four little words are what she leans on constantly.

“I mean, Hoda, you know how important my Christian faith is and it’s the foundation of who I am,” she explains. “I could pick a bible verse, and there’s a billion that I could give you, but when I need to feel, and when I need a reminder, this song, and the lyrics in it are everything. It’s Lord, I need you. I need you everyday, every hour, I need you.”

Candace says it’s especially true in this time of history that we’re living in. With so much worry and unknown, the reminder of our need for a Savior is stronger than ever.

“I can always go back to the Bible, go back to the Lord, who gives all of us, not only grace, but hope and promises, and tells us not to worry. He’s like, I know every hair that’s numbered on your head. I provide for the birds in the air and every animal, don’t you think you’re even more valuable than that?”

Candace says she loves sharing her faith, and that’s ultimately what she’s been spending her time doing during this time of social distancing.

Just last month, Candace teamed up with her brother, Kirk Cameron to host the Hope Rising Benefit Concert for COVID-19 Relief, which featured a star-studded lineup of contemporary Christian artists and speakers.

“People are in need of hope, faith, courage, and inspiration during this anxiety-producing time,” Candace said of their inspiration for the stay-at-home benefit concert, which raised money for Samaritan’s Purse COVID-19 relief efforts.

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