Nick Lachey Serenading His Daughter With “I Do Cherish You” Is Literally ALL THE FEELS

True story, you guys. Once upon a time, when I was a mediocre-successful mom blogger, I met singer Nick Lachey. I even have the requisite blog post and photograph to prove it! That’s me on the right, almost six years ago (oh em jeepers I miss being 35!!!), in November 2012.

Obviously this was the best day of Nick Lachey’s life


Nick had just had his first child with wife Vanessa Lachey, and my cousin and co-blogger Emily and I met him as he was promoting a lullaby album and doing some work for one of our favorite brands that we worked with, Tide, as well as the Cincinnati Bengals. So Emily and I drove to the Bengals stadium about an hour from where we live to meet good old Nick, who, it should be known, Emily also had some history with.

Truth be told, Nick Lachey was super nice and it was a fun little meet and greet. Since he is from roughly the same local area as I am, I’ve followed his story over the years. So when I saw a story today about him serenading his 3-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, I couldn’t resist a click.

Vanessa Lachey posted a video on Instagram of Nick singing the 98 Degrees hit “I Do, Cherish You,” which is now a whopping TWENTY years old (which means I am ancient!!) to 3-year-old Brooklyn while she perches on a stool. It is SERIOUSLY the sweetest thing ever. At the risk of exposing myself as an emotional weirdo, I must say it gave me ALL THE FEELS! I am glad I gave in to the urge to see if he can still sing or not!

The video, which Vanessa captioned as “Daddy’s Girl Forever!” also gave shout outs to the songwriters for making it possible that “these two can have this sweet moment 20 years later.”

The Lacheys are also parents to son Camden, six, and Phoenix, one, but you can see her that as the only girl, little Brooklyn has her daddy wrapped around her finger!

I mean…did that take you back in time or WHAT? Those of you who are old as dirt like me, I mean. LOL! All you younguns will just have to trust me. If you were a teen girl or college kid in the 90s and you’re now a parent, this should give you ALL the FEELS. At the very least, you’d be hard-pressed to deny that it’s stinkin’ adorable.

Like the Lachey’s, my husband and I have two boys and a girl…same with my parents. I loved being my daddy’s cherished little girl and I am thankful my daughter is having the same experience. I mean, the men in my family aren’t singers, but they do know how to love their daughters well, and that is truly priceless.

Thanks to the Lacheys for the nostalgia, and the cuteness overload! Best wishes to your growing family…until we meet again. (LOL!)

Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.

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