‘He Came Quickly and Unexpectedly’—Ashley LeMieux Details Son’s Tragic Birth at 16-Weeks

“He came quickly and unexpectedly, and I delivered him all alone in a room that was never meant to deliver babies,” Ashley wrote. “I sobbed and screamed on my bed, yelling to God that it wasn’t supposed to be this way, as I waited for a group of doctors to come help me.”

Once she had delivered him, Ashley was rushed to the Labor and Delivery unit of the hospital where she could finally be with Mike for the first time in days. Together the met, and held, and said goodbye to their son, Jayce Michael LeMieux.

“The name Jayce means ‘Healer,’” Ashley said. “That’s exactly who Jayce has been for us. This baby healed us in ways we never thought we’d experience again, and showed us that there is a beautiful life that is still waiting for us to live. Our hearts are cracked wide open again, but this time, we have Jayce as a guardian angel to help light our way.”

Mike took to Instagram with his own message, calling Ashley a “warrior,” and promising to spend the rest of his life sharing the peace and healing that was found in their son.


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“As I held my baby, I felt so much peace,” he wrote. “I thought about what [Ashley] went through to bring him here, and I wept. The level of emotional and physical pain she’s endured has left me shattered. You know — when those you love go through the most difficult things, it makes you ache. My core was shaken.”

This week, just seven days after giving birth and saying goodbye to her son, Ashley shared a beautiful encouragement to her almost 300k followers.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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