Dear 3pm Mom, You Can Be Content in Your Circumstance

Oh, hi 3 pm Mom.

Ya, you.

I know you.

I am you.

You are wearing one of your husband’s old t-shirts and ragged running shorts (that you may have slept last night in). Who cares, it’s not like you are going anywhere.

Your hair is frizzy. It’s clean but what’s the point in fixing it?

You are pretty sure you’ve forgotten how you put on makeup.

Your head is pounding, despite the caffeine you have pumped through your body today.

You just kicked the kids outside…thank goodness it’s finally sunny…so you can figure out what to make for dinner. You may occasionally peek through the window to make sure no one is doing anything incredibly stupid but…actually never mind, you don’t want to know.

You don’t drink alcohol so your afternoon stress relief is peanut butter and animal crackers, or potato chips, or whatever the kids haven’t devoured. Oh, and that 3rd Diet Coke.

You are worrying about your job. You’re supposed to be working from home but you’re so disconnected you wonder if you are even doing what is expected of you.

You are worried about your kids. Homeschooling does not look at all like the school has suggested in your house. When they finally go back to school will they be behind their peers?

You are desperate for a quiet moment to reflect and gather your wits but you are constantly interrupted with, “Can I…?”, “Will you…?”, “He said…?”, “I need…, and “Watch this!”

Hence, the headache.


Between those interruptions and somewhere deep inside your heart, you are content.

That’s right, CONTENT. Have you noticed? Have you let yourself feel contentment? It’s there. It just may be hard to find.

We always wanted to spend more time with our family. We always wanted to stay home with the kids. We even entertained the idea of homeschooling just to be with the kids more.

Yes, it’s harder than we thought. Yes, sometimes we need a time out and that afternoon movie is worth it to have an hour of peace. That’s okay.

Remember: We are making memories. These are unprecedented times and our kids will always remember them. Let us acknowledge our worry but not wallow in it. Let us BE CONTENT. What a great legacy to leave for our children.

Kristal Black
Kristal Black
We went from zero to five kids overnight through the miracle of foster care and adoption. Now, we are learning how to be parents while our kids are learning to be a part of a family. Follow along on our adventures as we seek to encourage others in foster care, adoption or are curious about foster care and adoption.

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