This Grandma’s Blooper Caught on the Video Baby Monitor Will Crack You Up ALL DAY LONG

You know who’re awesome? GRANDPARENTS! Even more awesome? Grandparents who BABYSIT! Sometimes, however, grandparents can have some pretty funny “whoopsies” when caring for a baby—after all, baby gear and gadgets are a lot more plentiful and complicated than they were when we were babies. One thing that’s changed is the size and style of cribs, thanks to trend combined with safety regulations.

Facebook user and mom Nikki Sharp Bishop left her baby with her mom and captured a HILARIOUS “Grandma blooper” on her baby’s video monitor feed. Bishop’s baby’s crib has a really tall railing, and the mattress is set down low. Nikki’s mom, who she describes as “vertically challenged” has to use a stool just to get the baby in the crib because she’s so short. A few days ago, her small stature combined with the tall crib and the IMPOSSIBLE task of trying to get a sleeping baby into the crib without waking it up made for a HILARIOUS blunder – resulting in Tiny Grandma falling INTO the crib with baby! Bishop posted the hilarious video to Facebook, and it has been shared almost 120,000 times in less than 24 hours! Here’s what Bishop has to say about the video:

My mom is going to kill me but I had to post. For those of you who don’t know my mom she is 5ft and has always been vertically challenged. I love this crazy woman!#Oops #AFV #Ellen #GMA #goviral #Ellentube #sharpauctionengine #legendrealty

I hope her mom a) doesn’t kill her and b) gets to go on Ellen—she deserves it for this embarrassment being made public! But it’s OH so funny! God bless Grandmas who babysit! They are the REAL heroes!!!

I have to admit I laughed SO hard at this—but I do feel bad for Bishop’s mom! My own son had to get stitches the first time my dad ever babysat—oops! It happens to the best of grandparents! SO glad both grandma and baby are A-OK! Here’s hoping for a fun viral week for the family!

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