Hey Mom: It’s Okay, You Don’t HAVE To

When she shows up for everything on time with her duckling-children all in a row and looks like she’s never eaten a cupcake (or three), may I always remember that outer perfection is sometimes an indicator of deep inner unrest. Kindness—she needs my kindness not my insecurity.

Just because she mothers and lives according to her tastes and distastes, doesn’t mean I have to do it her preferred way or even like her wayIt’s okay. I mother according to my tastes and distastes too.


May our words and thoughts to and about each other be gracious, not self-deprecating, and always lifting. Because of the way He is always lifting us.


This article originally appeared at The Masterpiece Mom.

Amanda Bacon
Amanda Bacon
Amanda is the mother of eight kids through birth and adoption and has been married for seventeen years to the most helpful man on the planet. She is an encouraging voice for moms everywhere through the written and spoken word. Amanda is co-creator of The Masterpiece Mom blog and podcast available on iTunes. 

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