‘We Have No Visible Finish Line’—The Case for Why Moms Are so Burnt Out

67 times.

My son called for me 67 times while I was in the shower.

Mind you I started counting halfway in, as a way to keep myself calm and not scream back, so surely it was more than 67 times.

But for the sake of transparency, 67 times.

67 times I listened to him yell ‘mama’ and bang on the bathroom door.

While I stood under the hot water drowning in my tears because I couldn’t bear the sound of his voice anymore and I had no will to reply.

I had no will to keep a conversation going while I was in the shower.

I had no will to keep a conversation going when I desperately needed a few minutes to myself.

Because the coffee just didn’t do it and it was barely 9 a.m.

Because they had been up since 6:45 that morning shouting demands at me.

All I wanted was 10 minutes to myself, but clearly that was too much to ask.

67 times.


67 times that word rang in my ears.

This is why mothers are so touched out.

This is why we stay awake so late knowing we’re going to regret it in the morning.

This is why we are always quick to snap.

This is why we are so sensitive.

Because we are desensitized.

We are numb.

We are so beyond worn out,

Burnt out,




Being needed all the time is simply draining, and a mother never stops being needed.

We have no visible finish line.


This post originally appeared on Facebook, published with permission. 

Suka Nasrallah
Suka Nasrallah
Suka is a published author who speaks raw and unfiltered truths people only dare think about. Her journey through life and motherhood gave her the courage to share her experiences with others in hopes of empowering those around her. Sarcasm is her second language and she plans on removing the word “mom” from the dictionary; maybe this way her kids won’t yell it every waking minute of every single day. She has been published on large platforms like Scary Mommy, The Today Show and Her View From Home as well as writing her first book: Unfiltered Truths of Motherhood: Captive & Captivated, available July 18, 2021.

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