Dear VSCO Girls. We Were Once You. Yes. Us Old Ladies. We Started All This.

Dear VSCO girls,

We were once you. Yes. Us old ladies. We started all this.

See, what you don’t know is we used shop at Limited Too. We had pleather pants. We had body glitter for days. We had the lip gloss in every soda flavor. We wore so much glitter it looked like Guy Diamond imploded every where we went.

We wore chokers. But, we were a bit more clever. See if you take pantyhose and cut the legs—BAM 💥 CHOKER.

We would reek of juniper breeze, country apple, cucumber melon, and sun-kissed raspberries.

We had scrunchies. Oh, did we have scrunchies. Every single color.

But, we had butterfly clips. And if you didn’t wear them all the way around the front of your high ponytail after using your mama’s hot rollers, what were you doing with your life?

Patti Lawley Smith
Patti Lawley Smith
I’m the owner of a local hair salon who loves my husband, kids and Jesus. We struggled with infertility for years and God has blessed us through adoption and even two successful pregnancies. I’m not super interesting just making the most out of life that I can!

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