What to Do When Someone Is Mean to Your Child

Don’t EVER be the Mean Kid. Ever. And when you see another kid getting picked on, for the love of all that is right and good, go rescue that kid. Go put your arm on that kid’s shoulder and tell him you are on his side. Then go up to the Mean Kid and say, ‘Stop it.’

Some kids may be getting picked on at school AND at home. Some kids might have parents who abuse, verbally, and physically. They may not have a mom and dad who love them and empower them to deal with bullies.

You could change his life if you stick up for him, Elijah. You might be the only one who sticks up for him! Be THAT kid. Be the one who sees the hurting, downcast kid and RESCUES him.

That makes you just like Jesus.

Finally, remember what the Bible says about sowing and reaping. If you sow encouragement, peace, strength, and protection in your relationships, you will reap the exact things. You will find yourself surrounded by others doing the same to you and for you. You will attract friends who value the same things you do. God will see to it. God is on your side, son.”

Elijah’s countenance changed. I could see hope in his eyes. Hope that he had power to handle future Mean Kids. Hope that maybe he could change the life of a hurting child by simply sticking up for him.

And hope that if this kid messed with him at the next practice, I would go all P90X on him.

Whatever that means.


This post originally appeared at The Scoop on Balance.

Sandy Cooper
Sandy Cooper
Sandy Cooper is a freelance writer, Bible study teacher and author of her personal blog, The Scoop on Balance. Her passion is to encourage women to live a life of balance through intimacy with God and hearing His voice in everyday life. Her greatest accomplishments include surviving the death of her 9-month-old son (Noah), surviving a seven-year battle with clinical depression, and finding a laundry system that actually works (the search for which may or may not have contributed to the depression). She lives in Louisville, Kentucky with Jon (her husband of 21 years) and her three living children Rebekah (15), Elijah (13) and Elliana (8). But she longs for her eternal home where laundry piles will cease, life’s battles will make perfect sense, she will be reunited with Noah and stand face-to-face with the God who sustained her through it all.  You can connect with Sandy on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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