What to Do When Someone Is Mean to Your Child

With a rising number of bullying cases and interventions, it’s tough to know what to do when someone is mean to your child. What do you let go of? When do you step in?

This sounds neither motherly nor Christian-y, but here’s the deal: I hate kids that are mean to your child. I do. I hate them. I want to gather them all up by the nape of the neck and flick them in the head, one by one. And then I want to lock them all up in a room, so they can leave my children alone and, instead, live out the rest of their days being mean to each other with sore neck napes.

But, that would be wrong and bad. And also, illegal. And not at all like Jesus.

The other night, my 12-year-old walked off the basketball court with his head hanging low because a mean kid on his team was mocking him.

“Every time I complimented someone on my team or said, ‘Nice shot,’ this kid imitated me and laughed at me. He just kept doing it even when I asked him to stop. I don’t understand why kids always make fun of me. Sometimes I just feel like the whole world hates me.”

One Mean Kid can make him feel like the whole world hates him.

Sandy Cooper
Sandy Cooper
Sandy Cooper is a freelance writer, Bible study teacher and author of her personal blog, The Scoop on Balance. Her passion is to encourage women to live a life of balance through intimacy with God and hearing His voice in everyday life. Her greatest accomplishments include surviving the death of her 9-month-old son (Noah), surviving a seven-year battle with clinical depression, and finding a laundry system that actually works (the search for which may or may not have contributed to the depression). She lives in Louisville, Kentucky with Jon (her husband of 21 years) and her three living children Rebekah (15), Elijah (13) and Elliana (8). But she longs for her eternal home where laundry piles will cease, life’s battles will make perfect sense, she will be reunited with Noah and stand face-to-face with the God who sustained her through it all.  You can connect with Sandy on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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