To Other Parents, From the Mom of THAT Kid

You sit under the shade of a large oak tree while your children wearing bathing suits play under the water fountains.  It’s a perfect afternoon except for that kid.

This child screams profanities, throws mulch, and wails on the mom.

What do you do when you see that kid?

Do you criticize the mom’s tactics as she seems to be negotiating with a kid who needs to be shown who is the boss?

Do you wonder why she bothers bringing that kid to the park? The child needs to be kept home because you don’t want your kids picking up bad habits.

Do you question the mom’s dedication?  Surely, all this child needs is more attention or the right kind of therapy.

Do you quietly utter a prayer of thanks that this is not your child?

Or do you approach the mom with reassuring words of support or an offer of help?

I am a Mom to That Kid.

The kid whose behavior can be so extreme that I completely understand when other families avoid us.   It feels isolating to be a mom of that kid.

I want to thank those who welcome our family even our child who might be labeled as a negative influence.

Thank you to one of my mama friends who continued to come over for playdates even after my child whacked her smaller child across the face with a stick.

In thanks, to my neighbors who refused compensation when my child permanently broke a door off their Little Tykes playground. A few weeks later this neighbor donated the playground to our family.

mom of that kid

Rebekah C
Rebekah C
I'm Rebekah, a mom to 4 special kids. Let's walk together on this path of raising our children with extra needs. It can be tough, and I don't have all the answers. But I believe the power of fun, love, and wisdom brings light into our families' lives. If you feel stuck in grief, despair, or anger, this is still the place for you. I will hold onto hope for you as you travel on your way to Finding the Golden Gleam.

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