Viral Video: Man Saves the Day and Dances With Little Girl Left Alone on the Dance Floor

Parents have attended countless school programs. Whether band concerts, plays, or choir concerts, parents are often beaming with pride from the audience.

Some kids love the programs. They practice diligently at school and at home. And, they even enjoy getting dressed up and looking their best for the event. Other kids can get nervous or simply prefer other activities at school. But, all of the kids gather together on stage to perform at the direction of the teacher.

The program in this video involved boys and girls — all dressed up and looking quite nice — paired up for a dance to the tune of “Beauty and the Beast.” Throughout the video, you can hear whistles and cheers from parents as they watched their young ones dance.

As a “tale as old as time,” this dance didn’t go as planned. Almost all of the couples were performing the rehearsed dance steps throughout the song. Except for one young boy.

At the back of the stage, one boy kept his hands in his pockets and wouldn’t dance. No matter what the little girl tried or however far into the song the other couples were, this boy wouldn’t budge.

The video includes the caption, “when this boy didnt want to dance with this little girl…my husband ran and danced with her, this is why i love him”

For most of the video, she was standing there — at the back of the stage — as the song played on. In her beautiful blue dress and perfect tiara, the girl kept looking offstage not knowing what to do.

Then, in an effort to help, a teacher walked on stage and led the nonparticipatory young boy offstage. This left the young girl completely alone at the back of the stage.

A parent of another child from the audience ran up on stage, knelt down, and began dancing with the young girl. Loud cheers can be heard throughout the crowd — affirming the man’s decision.

We may never know why the little boy didn’t dance. Many viewers who posted comments suspected the young man had a terrible case of stage fright. Regardless of the boy’s reasoning, the situation was so difficult for both the boy and his dancing partner.

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Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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