Ladies, Don’t Give Your Boyfriend Husband Privileges

Everyone’s doing it. No one will know. What does it hurt — we’re planning to get married anyway. We’ve all heard it. And, sometimes we’ve said it. But, ladies, don’t give your boyfriend husband privileges.

There’s a reason — Don’t Give Your Boyfriend Husband Privileges. Period.

He’s your best friend, a partner in crime, a cuddle buddy, a motivator, and an encourager. He’s your boyfriend. That’s it. Don’t give him things that his title in your life doesn’t entail.

Sure, he can have your kisses, hugs, support, affection, attention, and appreciation, but anything beyond that is too much for him and you to be dealing with solely as each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend. You should be spending every minute together learning new things about each other, spending time with your friends, and making memories.

He doesn’t and shouldn’t be providing for you yet.

He shouldn’t be choosing you above everything else in his life just yet.

Sure you should be priorities in each other’s lives, but you should both be able to spend time with family and friends just as often still.

He shouldn’t be living with you yet — you’re gonna miss out on girls’ nights with your friends or “you-time.”

Therefore, he should in no way be receiving all of you yet.

Megan Aaron
Megan Aaron
Megan Aaron studies at Troy University, plays division I collegiate soccer, and writes for the nationally recognized millennial platform; Odyssey. She strives to embed truth and authentic love in each article she writes and covers topics ranging from the life of a student athlete, to the difference between love and lust. Her constant goal is to spark conversation, engage readers, relate to people who may feel alone, and to always spread joy and truth.

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