Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides ‘How Was Your Day Today?’

If you don’t want lame answers, you can’t ask lame questions.  Here are some tried and true different questions to ask your spouse at the end of the day besides, “How was your day?”

So often the only daily re-cap my husband and I give each other is,

“How was your day?”

“Fine, yours?”

“Tiring, but fine.”

Meh. This conversation doesn’t do much by way of bringing us closer together OR actually hearing about our day.  This isn’t because we’re wrong to ask it or because we don’t care for each other, rather its because we’re just asking each other the wrong questions.

Celeste Davis
Celeste Davis
Celeste Davis is a married mom of three who writes with her husband at She has a Master's degree in sociology (with an emphasis in criminology) and is currently a write-at-home mom.

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