4 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

Most of us can all reminisce about a relationship we probably shouldn’t have stayed in for as long as we did. It’s completely normal if your love life has seen its fair share of bumps in the road, but when those bumps occur excessively or begin to take a heavy toll on your well-being, it could be time for you to take a step back and evaluate whether or not the relationship is really good for you. 

Check out some of these characteristics of a healthy relationship.

1. Mutual trust

The old cliché is true when it says a relationship has to be built upon a foundation of trust. You and your partner’s ability to be separate while having the utmost faith that the other person would do nothing to hurt you is a true gift. Even if it’s not achieved right away, mutual trust and respect can come with time, so don’t worry if it takes you a little longer to build that foundation. If you’re thinking about something that could risk the trust in your relationship, be open and honest with your thoughts and feelings. Mean what you say and commit to making your partner your first priority, even if you have to rebuild trust that you once had.

2. Regular intimacy

Healthy relationships often also revolve around a hefty amount of intimacy. Lots of people depend on both physical and emotional closeness for validation in their relationship, so when physical intimacy is lacking or unenjoyable in the bedroom, your love life can become strained. If your bedroom experience is interrupted by sexual complications like erectile dysfunction, or body image insecurities, it might be time to have a talk about what issues you’re both going through that could be getting in the way of your sexual relationship. Consider working with a doctor to start a medication like tadalafil (the generic Cialis) to address ED, or with a body image therapist to boost your self-confidence and attitude toward sex. Talking out your issues, and getting your needs and wants out in the open can make for more enjoyable intimacy with your spouse. 

3. Open communication

Open communication is the best solution for almost all of the problems your relationship can encounter. Lots of people experience avoidable relationship tension for long periods of time because of their tendency to hold in their feelings due to fear or the hope that the problem will dissolve on its own. For the sake of your relationship, it’s crucial that you verbally express your feelings and concerns. Telling your partner what makes you happy, what causes you pain, and even your deepest fears can prevent a great deal of future arguments. No problems can be solved when neither of you knows what’s causing them in the first place, so be upfront and truthful when you can, even if it scares you. 

4. Healthy disagreements 

It’s almost inevitable that you and your partner will have disagreements or even arguments; but don’t worry– disagreements are healthy when you address them in the right manner. During heated discussions or debates, it’s not healthy to talk over one another, dismiss the other person’s perspective, or jump to conclusions. Healthy disagreements involve active listening, letting the other person tell their side without interruption, and understanding the reasoning behind their feelings. Nobody’s perfect when it comes to arguments, but make an effort to listen before you speak and you’ll find that tensions will die out much faster. 

No relationship is perfect, so it’s completely normal to have obstacles or concerns. Think about whether or not your relationship is good for you in the long run, and do what you can to keep around the one who keeps you the happiest.  

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