40 Powerful Bible Verses for a Remarkable 40 Day Fast

As you enter into a 40 day fast, you may want to consider these 40 Bible verses.

“He has brought me to his banquet hall and his banner over me is love“ (Song of Solomon 2:4).

I used to laugh my way through the verse above, looking forward to the day when I would dine with Christ in Glory! Oh, the chocolate and the scones! We’d have tea, taken sweet with heavy cream, and sweet conversation too. What a rich spread it would be! However, I must confess that over the years as I’ve learned to fast and pray, my thoughts of sweet treats have begun to fade. Amazingly, the more those sweet treats diminish, the more Christ Himself, seated surely at the table, bidding me come, becomes the feast I’m most hungry for.

An invitation to a 40 day fast

From His extravagant banquet hall, beneath the banner of His all-inclusive love, Christ invites, “Come…” — not for a tea party but for Himself. For Jesus is the host, the feast, and the banner.

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Imagine with me the moment your forever feet cross the finish line. As you take that final step over the threshold of eternity into His Presence what will overwhelm your heart is not a hankering for food, but an overwhelming hunger (and yet also a complete satisfaction) for Christ Himself. I am sure, down deep in our bellies, we will not be craving the literal food He prepared for our time with Him at the table… because we will be overjoyed that HE IS THE FEAST AT THE TABLE! Time with Him is the sweetest treat that satisfies us eternally! As we feast our eyes on Him, our hearts will finally be fully and forever satisfied!

Oh, my friend, I can only imagine what that day will be like. Perhaps you’ve song the lyrics to this song:

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When Your face
Is before me
I can only imagine.

Surrounded by Your glory
What will my heart feel?
Will I dance for You, Jesus?
Or in awe of You be still?
Will I stand in Your presence?
To my knees will I fall?
Will I sing hallelujah?
Will I be able to speak at all?
I can only imagine.

(I Can Only Imagine, by Mercy Me)

Wendy Speake
Wendy Speakehttp://wendyspeake.com
As a trained actress and heartfelt Bible teacher, Wendy ministers to women’s hearts through storytelling and biblical life applications. She utilizes drama, comedy, poetry, and the study of God’s Word. During her career in Hollywood, on shows such as JAG, Melrose Place, Star Trek Voyager, and Roswell, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify and encourage women! She now writes and performs dramatic Bible studies that move her audiences closer to Jesus. She also writes memoir-styled posts on her personal blog, wendyspeake.com, and is the co-author of the book: Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses. Wendy resides in Southern California with her husband and their 3 ruddy boys.

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