You Didn’t Make Me a Mother, But You Made Me a Better One

You were second.

Not in my heart, but one did come before you in time.

Yes, with you, it was different.

There was no gender reveal party. No elaborate showers.

We didn’t read all the books or check the apps every week to see what vegetable you measured up against.

I didn’t take as many photos, didn’t spend every waking moment thinking about the way your hair might curl up on the ends one muggy summer day.

My mind was busier; my body more tired.

The worries of a first-time-mom had faded, and now my thoughts drifted to fears that I wouldn’t be enough for you. I wondered how on earth my heart could ever be big enough, how I could manage to divide my time and energy and love equally enough.

And then, before I knew what happened (because, you see, time passes so much quicker the second time around), you were here.

And in an instant, every fear faded.

That magical feeling when you finally see the person you’ve loved for so long, face to face? It’s not a one-time deal.

The world stopped for what seemed like hours as I introduced myself and sang you ‘Happy Birthday.’

And that was it. I was yours.

Kendra Barnes
Kendra Barnes
Kendra is the co-founder of Daylight to Dark, a lifestyle blog. She is a fun-loving wife and momma to a spirited blue-eyed girl and a particularly jolly baby boy. She's an expert at holding down the fort, abandoning her coffee, and making circles wider, not smaller, so more women feel included and encouraged. You can follow Daylight to Dark on Facebook and Instagram.

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