So, we’re looking at colleges. And whether you say it or not, I know it’s scary. I know I’m old and such, but I seriously literally remember walking around all of the campuses that I’ve taken you to for my own college visits 26-plus years ago. I remember the excitement, but I remember the fear.

And my biggest fear was this:

What if I choose the wrong school?

Back then, my faith was a bit smaller. I liked everything I believed about God to be able to fit into my pocket, so I could pull it out and easily explain him to someone else. But God is so much bigger than I thought back then, and he’s so much bigger than I even know now.

And so here is what I know now that I didn’t know then.

There isn’t just one school for you.

Just like there isn’t just one person in the entire universe that you can marry. Just like there isn’t just one major or just one career or just one life path, and if you choose “wrong,” you’re cosmically screwed (pardon my French, sweet children of mine) for the rest of your life.

If I’ve learned anything over the past few decades—and I have learned quite a lot—it’s that God is somehow mysteriously sovereign and in control, and yet we are somehow mysteriously given free will.

So pray.

And think through.

And visit.

And talk to people.

And make pros and cons lists (Sara).