8 Hilarious and True Sleeping Positions for Parents = Exactly Why I Haven’t Slept in 11 Years

Sleeping Positions #3: The Washing Line

You’ve finally managed to get baby to settle in their cot but getting them to go back to sleep requires endless amounts of patting and shushing. You’re becoming an expert on snoozing whilst lying on the cot rail patting your restless child.

Sleeping Positions #4: The Sit-and-Shush

Often alternated with ‘the washing line’ – another one for when you need to keep patting and shushing – sitting on the floor with one arm through the bars of the cot and the other often propping up your head as you doze off.

the sit-n-shush sleeping position for parents

Sleeping Positions #5: The Bedtime Backfire

Bedtime stories, soothing music and lullabies are a great way of encouraging sleep. Unfortunately though, they sometimes seem to work better on parents – the umpteenth rendition of Brahms Lullaby might have sent you to the land of nod but in the meantime, the tot is bouncing up and down in their cot with more energy than an espresso-swigging Duracell bunny.

the bedtime backfire sleeping position for parents

Louise George
Louise George
Hello - I’m Louise, mummy to two beautiful little girls.  My eldest daughter was born with a complex congenital heart defect which means she has half a working heart and my youngest is heart-healthy.  Our journey as a heart family has been all about stepping out in faith and seeing miracles happen. I blog about parenthood and life as a heart family over at Little Hearts, Big Love and am passionate about raising awareness of congenital heart defects.  You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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