When God Doesn’t Move The Mountain

Lauren Daigle’s popular song Trust In You paints a perfect picture of what it is like to really walk in faith. Have you been in a situation when God doesn’t move the mountain you thought he would? What if this mountain was something you’ve prayed over and over? What if this mountain is one you thought you were called to climb? If you listen to this song, YOU TRUST HIM!

Trusting Someone You Haven’t Met

Trusting someone you’ve never met sounds easy, right? Wrong! We would never just trust someone without a reason to do so. Imagine yourself at a party and someone you just met says “do you trust me?” You would probably reply “heck no, my mama didn’t raise no fool!” When it comes to trusting God, it requires you to believe with all of your heart and soul. It takes great patience in trusting that he knows your story and is writing it better than you could have ever written it yourself. To remember that life is not happening TO YOU, but that life is happening FOR YOU!” And it is happening FOR YOU through him.

However, God is not a stranger at all. God has given us the chance to seek him and to know him. He commands us to be strong and courageous and reminds us that he will be with us where ever we go. He reminds us that the road will not be easy but he will be there to take care of us and so therefore trusting him is NOT impossible even if we have never met him personally. In Proverbs 3:5 it says “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

What do we do when the mountain is NOT moving?

So what do we do when that mountain is not moving? You sit back, you relax and you trust that he is not moving those barriers because it is not the right time.

Right now in my life there is a HUGE mountain. I’ve prayed over this one for a while and yet every corner I turn, there it is. It’s the same size, there is no chipping of the rocks, no breaking down of this mountain and I find myself thinking “move this mountain already.” However, I remember that he will leave the 99 to rescue me, and so I take refuge in the fact that he knows whats best for me.

In this moment, what I have envisioned for myself, is not at all what he wants me to do. In my case, I blare this song and I sing at the top of my lungs and when I get to the part “truth is you know what tomorrow brings” I start to tear up, because that line is so powerful! It’s the honest truth. Only he knows this story, and so when that mountain isn’t moving that I thought should of by now, I have to relax, and wait for the ending to come full circle.

I hope you will take some time to sit back realize that he promised you he would be there to help you through the tough times, and so TRUST IN HIM!

Dana Brady
Dana Bradyhttp://livesimplyblessed.com
Dana is a mom to three boys biologically along with daughter through the gift of adoption. She is a full time middle grade educator with a passion for writing. Dana is the creator of Live Simply Blessed blog where she hopes to share her journey of living simply blessed and encouraging others.

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