Parents are Using “Don’t Touch My Baby” Signs on Car Seats & We’re ALL About It

Several parents were quick to chime in with criticism and snarky eye rolls, arguing that kids need germs to build their immune systems.

While this may be true, most experts would argue that infants and newborns are the exception, as their immune system hasn’t even fully developed yet.

Others aged themselves with the reminder of “back in the day.”

do not touch sign

But despite the vocal slander of Facebook, these things are selling like hotcakes. And some other parents shared why these little tags are actually a life saver. Truly, they could actually save a child’s life.

Children who were born as premies or have compromised immune systems are at an even greater risk of contracting viruses in which they are indefensible.

do not touch sign

No child (or parent) should be stuck fighting off illnesses from other people – especially when they can be prevented. One of my best friends’ BABY is constantly sick because her husband is a pastor and all of the teenagers at church are quick to rub up on her cutie son.

do not touch sign

Even the most harmless little touch can transfer germs that may not effect teens and adults, but have long-lasting and dangerous effects on fresh immune systems.

The bottom line is this: If it’s not your child, ask before you touch.

Parents are allowed to have their preference of how much interaction their baby gets with strangers. And as civilized people, it’s our job to respect a parent’s decision, not criticize their methods in protecting their baby from germs.

Bri Lamm
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