The Magic of Christmas Begins in October

Which is why I’ve decided this year it’s going to be different.  I’m making resolutions.  I refuse to feel overburdened and overwhelmed.  This year it is all about organization. I see this holiday coming in October and instead of scoffing it off, I heed the warning. There is a reason the commercials start so early. It’s for moms like me who don’t enjoy the last minute thrown together mess.  So I book travel. I make lists. I organize Christmas card addresses.  It is never too early to label envelopes.  I put things on the calendar, I refuse to double book.

The feeling of drowning comes by not being able to keep your head above water. This year I will be freestyling to the finish line. Hyper-organization won’t take the fun out of the holidays…. it will put it back in it. I promise that I’ll say no to things. I’ll cut back on gifts. And the gifts I do buy will be neatly wrapped before Halloween. I’ll give my kids the Christmas of their dreams and one day they’ll wonder how I did it.

These are my resolutions.

Said one mom in October.


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Caroline Murray
Caroline Murray
Caroline is a freelance writer, wife, and mama to two young children and one sweet baby.  She's been featured on ScaryMommy, Her View From Home, TODAY Parents, Filter Free Parents & others.  She loves everything country and tries not to take anything too seriously.  You can see more of her at or like her on Facebook at

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