‘My Heart Fell in Love With You!’ — Precious Little Girl Recalls Moment She Met Her Adoptive Mom

A little girl is melting hearts across the internet this week after a video of her talking about the first time she met her adopted mom went viral for ALL the right reasons.

5-year-old Gabby was adopted from China when she was just 4 years old. Her parents, a couple from Dallas, Texas, also adopted Gabby’s little sister, Lilly.

In a sweet video of Gabby having a conversation with her mom, the little girl recalls memories she has from coming home to be with her new family.

“When we was born, we came two little babies and then, Lily was still a baby and I was four-years-old,” she adorably explains to her mom. “I got so big and Lily was still a baby, right?”

Gabby tells her mom that she and Lilly were so excited to meet her and their daddy.

“And we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy,” she continues.

Touched by her daughter’s words, Gabby’s mom replied with joy, assuring that she was excited to meet her too.

“And Lilly?” Gabby asks, not once forgetting her sister along the way.

“And Lilly,” her mom assured.

Then Gabby dropped a real zinger. Grab your tissues folks.

This beautiful little girl looks at her mom and says, “Do you know what happened to my heart?” Referring to the day she met her mama.

In a hushed voice, Gabby says, “Well, when the first time I saw you, my heart fall in love with you!”

“Aww, my heart fell in love with you too,” her mom sweetly replied. Her emotion peeking through her distinct southern accent.

Since first sharing the video last week, millions have shared and commented on Gabby’s sweet confession, and the love that shines out of her.

In a statement to ABC News, the family says they hope Gabby’s message would show the beauty of adoption

“We are thankful this precious message is spreading worldwide and our hope is that more hearts and homes would be open to adoption because of precious Gabby,” the family told ABC News

Bri Lamm
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