Joanna Gaines Challenges Herself to ‘Savor What She’s Sown’ as Son, Drake, Heads Off to College

Like Gaines, I don’t find the harvest process an easy one. Savoring what I’ve sown doesn’t come naturally. It takes intentionality. For me, it looks like choosing a positive perspective as I look for ways to be grateful—for an unexpected call from my son, the fact that he’s joined a study hall on his own, or that he sought God about changing his major. (In case you’re wondering, yes, he did in fact change his major the first week of classes.)

And for all of the other areas of our lives (and my son’s life) that have yet to show fruit, I take those to God in prayer.

Gaines concluded, “This year, I’m waiting on fall the same way I always do. I’ll watch the sky. I’ll listen for rain. I’ll pause at the trees with turning leaves. But I’ll do it all a little more patiently. A little more gratefully, remembering that strength isn’t earned in endings or beginnings but in the space I’m forging along the way.”

If you’re like Joanna and me and sending a kiddo (yes, I still call them kiddos) off to college, you might want ideas to encourage your college student.  

Janna Firestone
Janna lives in Northern Colorado with her husband and two teenage boys. You’ll often find her hiking, paddleboarding, or enjoying a good board game indoors. She's an unapologetic Dallas Cowboys fan, and an even bigger fan of coffee, dry shampoo, and authentic conversations.

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