Watch: Comedian Nails What It’s Like to be a First Time Mom

first time mom

Every first time mom knows a thing or two about the flood of baby-decoding that happens once that little slice of life is hanging on the outside.

You know, those all-too relatable questions that no one talks to you about when you’re pregnant? Things like, “Is she supposed to cry this much?” or “Are these mood swings normal?” Or my personal favorite: any question that has to do with navigating this tiny human’s poop patterns.

We all have questions, and while there is no guidebook for first time moms, much less even answers to said questions, at least we have each other.

“Is it normal?” is a pretty constant phrase out of the mouth of every first time mom. No one captures the essence of that truth better than comedian and funny-gal, Mom Game.

In her video, “Is it normal? Infant Edition,” Mom Game hits on every random and painfully relatable question we’ve all had as a first time mom.

Every First Time Mom, Ever.

Y’all, this LITERALLY had me laughing out loud! How many of these questions have you asked?

My favorite part is that after two minutes of random first time mom questions, her girlfriend just pauses, looks up from her coffee, and says, “yes.”

It’s just the reminder we ALL needed today that mommin’ is hard, and not a single one of us know what we’re doing.

But we’re all in this together ladies! So have a laugh, and share Mom Game’s video with a first time mom in your life today!

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