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Audrey is Mom to two children on earth and one in Heaven. She always knew she wanted to be a mom, but after going through a mid-pregnancy miscarriage, she realized how much of a miracle and blessing being a mom truly is. She desires to encourage other moms in the trenches with little ones, laundry, and life, even if that sometimes means just learning to laugh through the hard days. [You know, the ones where you're hiding from your children in the closet praying for chocolate to fall from the sky like manna.] To check out her blog, visit www.letsplaymom.com. You can also find her here: Instagram: @letsplaymom Facebook: Let's Play Mom  



When Back to School Means Back to Stress

We’re going to look to Moses as we help our kids navigate back-to-school stress. Just like Moses, our kids' stress is real.